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A Safe Place for Parents and
Their Families to Heal


We have many opportunities for
you to connect with other parents
and siblings in your area!

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We want to provide a gift of hope
by providing resources and
recommendations for you!

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The 1st Annual
Helping Parents Heal Conference
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One Single Day to Create a Bereaved Parent
Average of Children who Transition Each Day
Average of Children who Transition Each Year
You’re Not on This Road Alone

We have also walked this path and share an understanding of the pain you are facing. Helping Parents Heal is here to help.

People may sometimes shun you because they don’t know what to say. Others may not mention your child’s name, fearing it will upset you when it would actually bring you some joy to hear them say that name. Still, others may care and have good intentions, but say the wrong thing because they’re not sure what to communicate. Some people may even be so harsh as to ask,

“Isn’t it time you were over this?”

All of these things come from ignorance, for only those who have walked in our shoes can truly understand what it feels like to lose a child. We have found a way to heal and move forward in a positive manner. Once again, we’re able to experience joy in our lives and are pleased to share our healing path with you.

Helping Siblings Heal

If you are a bereaved sibling, please also visit the Facebook site of our sister group, Helping Siblings Heal, led by Anna Buckmaster.

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