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Joseph had an undiagnosed, “mystery” syndrome, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy being the most significant of the issues. Although his heart was enlarged and sick, Joe was at one of his relatively healthiest points in his life, attending full days in first grade at my school, playing the drums, and starting karate. He went to a birthday party on Friday, September 20th, and had a great time. Later that weekend, he had a fever and some virus. On Monday morning, he still didn’t feel 100 percent, so we decided to keep him home from school, and I took the day to stay with him. I got into bed with him and we were watching tv. One second we were talking, the next second, he was gone…in my arms. My wife and I attempted CPR and had an AED on him in less than two minutes. There was no rhythm in his heart, so the AED was useless. His heart had just stopped, unable to handle and support his body shutting down due to the virus. Just like that, my beautiful boy, my best friend was gone; my world shattered. And, now, instead of celebrating his birthday with a huge bash like we did every year, I have to try to get through this day without him. It is too hard, too sad. It is not fair. I hate this so much.

-Written by Joseph’s Dad, Scott

Remembering Joseph Middlemiss On His Angel Date
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